• 666人体艺术|中国人体艺术|日本人体艺术|欧美人体艺术
  • 666人体艺术|中国人体艺术|日本人体艺术|欧美人体艺术
  • 666人体艺术|中国人体艺术|日本人体艺术|欧美人体艺术
  • 666人体艺术|中国人体艺术|日本人体艺术|欧美人体艺术

HuBei Cold God Chemical Co.,Ltd., is located in the city ofXiangyang. Xiangyang is a famous historic and cultural city inHubeiprovince inChina.  Its fame is based on the cradle of Chu culture, Han culture,ThreeKingdomculture with a history of 2800 years, and its vital importance as a commercial port and military competitive stronghold.Our corporation primarily engaged in the environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant, including the research and development, purification, mixture, and marketing. The major products under the brand of God of Cold are Propane, Isopentane, Ethene, N-butane, Isobutane, Propylene, Liquid Nitrogen, R290 (Propane), R600a(Isobutane) et al. The products are mainly applied to LNG mixed refrigerant, air conditioner and refrigerator et al. The quality of the products achieves or precedes the national standard.

ADD:Room 1017, Century Jinyuan Square, Fancheng District, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province
  • R600a (Purity IsoButane)
  • R290 (Purity Propane)
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Propylene
  • Iso-butane
  • N-butane
  • Ethylene
  • Isopentane

ADD: Room 1017, Century Jinyuan Square, Fancheng District, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province

Sales Department: TEL:(0086)0710-33287370/3287350/3287390  FAX:(0086)0710-3287380

Mobile phone:+86-13918331596(Qin Qian)